Our Events


We run workshops on

1. Luqmanul Hakiem Parenting

2. Open Your Heart with Al-Fatihah

3. Adab in Seking Knowledge

4. Adab in Food & Dining

5. Adab on How To Love.

6. Special Education & Team building Workshops

7. Parent & Child Workshops

Annual Events

We Celebrate Ladies

1. 16 Feb – Modern Muslimah Symposium.

2. 8 March – Women’s International Day

3. 19 March – Picnic

4.20 April – Ramadan Special Events

5. 29 September – Education Fest

Continuous Supports

Small Meet Up Picnic at our local garden

Play Dates for Our Genius

Light Tea Party

Ladies / Mothers Dinner Date .

OUR Sweet Memories


Luqmanul Hakiem Parenting

Most popular workshop by Ustazah Nazeerah


Adab in Food & Dining

Ustazah Ne’maat Signature’s talk also known as Mindful Eating Workshop


HIJRA Tea Barty

Special Programs for ladies only By Naz & Ne’maat


Special Collaboration

invited by MYF for Madrasah Health Holiday Programs


Adab in Seeking Knowledge

Ustazah Nazeerah’s signature’s compact & interactive workshop


Luqmanul Hakiem Parenting

Ustazah Nazeerah’s signature talk


My Dream Topic

How To Unleash Your True Potential


Special Collaboration

Ustazah Nazeerah invited by MYF to speak at her alma matar

the Founder

Name Nazeerah Sh.Alwie & Ne’maat Sukor Amien

Credential: ARS Certified Ustazah

Address PKMS Building, 419737 Singapore, Singapore

Phone +65 90485293

Email admin@themodernmuslimahproject.com

Website www.themodernmuslimahproject.com

OUr Mission


To support Muslimah to be happy, contented, fulfilled and proud of their own identities and professions living in Singapore.

To allow Muslimah to feel appreciated, celebrated & supported.

This is our


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